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An open-sourced protocol that synergises your Web2 and Web3 profiles. Next.ID connects and authenticates your digital footprints, all while giving you full ownership of your identities.

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Mask Network is the first application that leverages Next.ID as your bridge to a complete digital identity.

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What is Next.ID?

Next.ID is an identity protocol created by Dimension, the team behind Mask Network. Next.ID protocol serves as the nerve center of Web2 and Web3 user identities. As an open-sourced and platform-agnostic identity infrastructure, Next.ID establishes the foundation for you to fully own your Digital Identities.

How do I set up Next.ID?

The initial iteration of Next.ID is embedded on the Mask Network browser extension. To explore Next.ID functionalities in full, install the extension and connect your Web2 and Web3 accounts.

Current supported Web2 accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
Current supported Web3 apps:
  • Mask Network
  • MetaMask
  • OpenSea

What role does Next.ID play in Digital Identities in Web3?

Next.ID is an open-source protocol that empowers users to create their own Digital Identities across platforms as we transition towards a decentralized cyber space.

With Next.ID, users are able to:

  • Consolidate your Web2 and Web3 identities in one accessible location.
  • Build a complete digital identity graph via verified on-chain and off-chain actions.
  • Create friend and/or business networks with a more responsible understanding of second and third degree effects.

Do I need to connect my wallet to use Next.ID?

The first iteration of Next.ID will be accessible via the Mask Network browser extension. You don’t need to have a digital wallet to use Next.ID; however, the core value of Next.ID V1 is making verified connections between your Web3 identities including wallet addresses with your Web2 identities.

Will all of the user data be visible and public and on-chain?

In Next.ID’s initial release phase, all of the user data stored through Next.ID protocol can be queried through a publicly-assessible API. The data is stored in Arweave.

I am a developer, how can I develop protocols and dApps on Next.ID?

As Next.ID is committed to the principles of transparency and decentralization, developers are encouraged to visit Next.ID GitHub to contribute and find out more.

You can also reach out via