Experience Next.ID with Web3.bio or Mask Extension
Bridge Users'
Wallet Address
For Mass Adoption
Plug in the largest identity graph across Web2 and Web3
in 5 seconds.
Future-proof Your Apps
with Universal Profile SDK
A Universal Profile SDK to connect users across Web2 and Web3
Proof Service
Off-chain decentralized identifiers called Avatars to securely connect social profiles and wallets.
KeyValue (KV) Service
Data backpack adding social metadata like usernames and Twitter followers to Avatars
Relation Service
Graph database for fast query over 410k+ verifiable social profiles with identities like ENS and Twitter; credentials like POAP and DegenScore.
Quickly re-authenticate users with Avatar or wallet signatures rather than passwords
Total of social Identities indexed
Twitter to on-chain identity mapping
Accuracy on cross-platforms social graph
Cross-web Social Relations
Identity Verification API calls / Month
How It Works
Create a decentralized identity with Next.ID Avatar with Proof Service
Use Avatar signature to securely link to Twitter, ETH, ENS, Discord identities with confidence, updating metadata on KV Service
Analyze social graphs, recognize trends, and opportunities with Relation Service
Use Cases
Authentic User Assurance
Combat sybil attacks effectively. Attract genuine users to your applications and protocols, ensuring a safer, more credible Web3 community.
Unified Identity Portfolio
Craft futuristic profiles akin to Web3.bio. Centralize essential identities for easy access, creating a one-stop digital identity hub.
Community Growth Toolkit
Discover hotspots of potential user personas and activity with the Relation Service. Unlock targeted engagement and grow your community strategically
Cross-chain User Analytics
Harness rich user insights from an expansive mapping across Web2 & Web3. Build analytics products with comprehensive social graph analytics.
Universal Gaming Passport
Deploy a native decentralized identity across diverse on-chain games. Elevate your gaming persona, accumulating reputation seamlessly in the Autonomous World.
Search your ENS, Twitter handle, and 10+ profiles on Web3.bio and see how Next.ID Relation Service empowers next-gen link-in-bio too
Radical Identity Solutions for Radical Apps
Crafting Revolutionary Identities for Modern Applications
Easy-to-integrate Universal Profile SDK.
Ready-to-go “For You” Pages
Use 410k+ profile connections and activity ready in our database.
Connect and share across multiple platforms and cross chain seamlessly.
Broad Compatibility
Flexible tools that play well with others DIDs, wallets, and OAuth.
Engaging Insights
Dive deep into social connections without compromising privacy.
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Meet our Partners
Discover the strength of our network through our dedicated partners.
“We used Next.ID's Relation Service, which brought us a large amount of identity data and gave us the ability to understand a user's identity and relationships. And we are trying to build our identity layer based on Next.ID's Proof Service. The team's in-depth understanding of DID makes us choose to develop based on Next.ID instead of building it ourselves from scratch.”
0xJA, Developer atData2.Cash
“The integration with Next.ID's RelationService has opened up new avenues for us, allowing for more comprehensive off-chain and on-chain identity queries and enriched social use cases. The partnership has bolstered our ability to provide a more nuanced and accurate risk analysis for our users.”